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Reduce your SharePoint Total cost of ownership

Provide a highly configurable AJAX OrgChart for Display purposes across webs or across sites


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Key features:
• caching for high performing loading of the Org Chart.
• Create Org Chart from SharePoint list data OR SQL server queries.
• Multi-level drill through
• Support node level Images. {Example: Peoples my site photos}
• AJAX enabled for fast client side processing
• Optionally set the TAB field for an Auto-generated TAB interface to appear above the Org Chart – this is great in a Multi-Branch type scenario.
• People, organizational structure, team structure or anything else you would like to display in a data driven Org Chart.

Cost: If you stick within our free Community edition conditions you can use it for free on any SharePoint web you like at no charge.
• Free version can be used for commercial and non-commercial use.
• The free version functionality is exactly the same as Commercial version except for the number of SharePoint webs it can be used on.
• We do not place restrictions on the number of users using the web part so go ahead – roll it out!
• Same rules apply to Production, Staging, User Acceptance testing, Training and Development environments

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